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Zhejiang Zetian Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading international chemical service provider. Based on our expertise, we develop and manufacture fine chemicals and advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemicals and liquid crystal industries.

Our company now is headquartered in Hangzhou city; besides a research and development center based on Zhejiang University of Technology, our company has three factories in Gansu and Sichuan with an area of ​​200,000 square meters and more than 500 employees as well as 38 experienced chemists; Under the supports of strong and modern production facilities, intelligent environmental protection system, advanced quality control system, ZET expands its presence to better serve our customers.

Our goal is to become a respected top service provider in the chemical industry through the enthusiasm of our employees and superior technology. Based on the innovative corporate culture, Zhejiang Zetian has always pursued sustainable development throughout the entire industry chain and product life cycle. Zhejiang Zetian has a mission to create great value for its customers with unique chemical solutions and services.

To meet the needs of our customers, we continue to make innovation. Through close cooperation with customers, Zhejiang Zetian optimizes synthetic route design, process development and verification, amplification and commercial production, and shortens the supply time of products as much as possible. At the same time, we provide services such as parameter determination, operation window definition, equipment material selection and product stability research. We design and establish a pilot scale solution to meet the market development needs of customer in next stage.

From raw materials, intermediates to original drugs, APIs and active ingredients, we are committed to developing stable and competitive processes. We specialize in small-scale trials to large-scale production under ISO or GMP quality standards and use all relevant technologies. Zhejiang Zetian's team of experts is dedicated to process innovation and efficiency improvement, and always meets the highest standards in the industry. We integrate innovation into every phase of the product lifecycle to truly create value for our customers.


Two R&D centers

1.Hangzhou R&D Center, dedicated for Custom Synthesis(Focus)

◆ Located in Zhejiang University of Technology
◆ Focus on the research,production of pharmaceutical/pesticide intermediates,Generics and fine chemicals.
◆ Team Leader: Fengfeng  Professor of Zhejiang

2. R&D Centers in Sites

◆ Located in Gansu and Sichuani.
◆ Focus on Scale-up And Process Improvement
◆ Team Leader: Yu Hongwei  Professor of Zhejiang University

Up to now, we have published over 60 R&D achievements in well-known SCI journal, and obtained nearly 10 patents; we also got one Second Prize of Technology Invention from China Petroleum and Chemical Association

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