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EHS and safe production

Our company practices PDCA cycle management mode and EHS management system to ensure environment-friendly production and standardization of safe production.

Environmental Policy and EHS Control:

Protecting the environment and public health is an important guiding ideology and behavior standard of our company, and it is also a responsibility and obligation that an enterprise should bear.

Standardize employee protective equipment (PPE)
Risk warning and warning signs
Three waste treatment standardization
EHS self-inspection and on-site inspection system

Safety production and health

"Safety first, focus on prevention", we adhere to the concept of prevention, take action at all levels of the company to achieve this goal, and strive to enhance the initiative and foresight of management, supervisory and workers on safety production. Sex, make precautions and comprehensively solve the problem of safe production. Safety is important in management, management is on the spot, and on-site implementation is on the one hand. On the one hand, our company has formulated detailed rules and regulations, strictly follows the operating procedures and systems, and requires supervisors to play a key role. On the other hand, it is better to incorporate safe production and healthy content into the training of employees in order to truly reduce work-related accidents and diseases. Prevention involves management, foresight, planning and participation. Our company has incorporated the preventive safety and health culture as the company's central philosophy.

Zetian Quality System

Our company formulates control strategies based on the relevant principles of risk management, and strengthens the management of related production factors such as materials, equipment and assembly from the product development stage. Our company's quality system includes QC management including inspection management, sample retention management, stability management, personnel management, instrument management, etc., providing security guarantee for the quality development of the enterprise and achieving quality control. The detection means are determined according to the actual production content, aiming at minimizing the pollution, cross-contamination, and confusion, errors and other risks in the production process, and ensuring the continuous and stable production of products meeting the intended use and requirements.

Quality policy:

Strengthen staff awareness of quality and safety and improve workers' ability to work.
Establish a sound management mechanism, increase supervision, and reduce the probability of quality problems.
Establish a corrective and preventive system to prevent quality problems from occurring.
Identify key factors that influence product quality and enhance improvements to these factors.
The monitoring results were evaluated to find the controlled state criteria.
Continuously improve the level of technology, introduce advanced technology on the basis of quality assurance, and improve product quality.

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